Flight to Kenya / One mans story of DISC GOLF BRINGING HOPE !

Flight to Kenya
19 hours ago
Disc golf entered our house like a storm. My husband found new focus and met people whose company he really enjoyed. So much so, that there were times I felt like disc golf was the “other woman” in his life. The sport also allowed a new type of bonding between him and our youngest son. Our son had never been interested in sports because competition made him uncomfortable. When he was given the chance to just play and really compete only with himself, the sport grew on him weekly. Now he and my husband play doubles together every Wednesday. Our collection of discs has grown to point that we have a whole new display of discs across our living room. For the holidays my son had several discs on his list to Santa Claus and by golly if Santa didn’t manifest all of them! With his new found passion my husband spoke to many people encouraging them to come out and play. He has built several baskets which are proudly displayed at the entrance of our home. He enjoys exposing the sport and now has more t-shirts with disc golf events then he has dresser space.
Another very important relationship in our family is with our parish priest, Father Crispin. He is from a tiny village in Africa known as Barkiwino. We have worked hard at providing support for this village. The average life span is 57 and the volume of orphans is tragic. Our family supported a fund raiser to provide solar cookers to allow the people of the village discontinue the cooking practices of wood burning stoves used in their huts, which also contributes to a high rate of lung disease. Our son devotion to helping those in need has always been from deep in his heart.
One afternoon, my son was playing disc golf with his dad and came up with an idea. “Dad, why don’t we bring disc golf to Father Crispin’s village?” My husband was taken aback and asked him again what he meant. “The children of Father’s village don’t have anything to play with” was his response. The truth is that over 300 children live in this village with sticks and battered soccer balls as their only form of ‘toys’. Their primary activity is centered around gathering water that takes more than three hours daily. They have no shoes let alone enough food or medical supplies to keep them protected. The inspiration of his desire to bring play to these children lit a fire in my husband’s belly.
Since this conversation took place my husband has pursued any and all who will listen to his desire to bring this sport to a village so destitute. Play is something that allows children to be children, it gives them a sense of peace and creates a sense of accomplishment. His desire to bring the power of play to this village will not go quietly. He has created a facebook page, contacted anyone who is willing to hear about his mission.
When I think of what the Shepard represents in our biblical stories I think of someone selfless and caring. Also, someone who is brings something of extreme value. My dear husband and son are true “Shepherds of Play”. They are creating an environment that provides joy and happiness to a community that has very little of either in their daily lives.
There is a long journey to actually achieve their goal. Wouldn’t you like to see images of those children receiving discs? Wouldn’t you find pride in knowing that this sport has been brought across the world for the first time? It only takes the vision of a child whose compassion reaches over many miles to a place that might just create a champion of the sport.

Written by my lovely wife!
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