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-Welcome to Nikko Locastro Disc Golf-

Here you will find events and projects started by Nikko, with the use of this site we hope to reach out and get others involved in what he does. Please join the discussion, learn about our ongoing projects, and if possible get in contact with us if you can provide any assistance with growing this amazing sport of disc golf. We also have plenty of media including photos, videos, and a shop for customized discs and shirts designed like no other. And of course if you need to improve your game, check out our instructional videos as well.

Thank you and enjoy your stay.

Latest Posts:

Fly Life Disc Golf

In between extensive traveling I have building the Fly Life Disc Golf brand. I already have 5 store locations set up around the country plus Canada. Just talked with Prodigy Disc Europe about carrying the Fly Life Disc Golf line in Finland. Working on a lot these days getting geared up to do BIG things. [...]

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Disc Golf Life

Today is the Start of the St.Patricks Classic in Orangvale California, a very wooded course with lots of competition. I started this season off in Southern California at Oak Grove park. Finished the first tournament in 4th place. Part of the disc golf lifestyle for a pro is the constant grind. I tell people that [...]

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Grass Valley California / First Fly Life Disc Golf open

I’m spending the winter on the beautiful west coast in Northern California. Many parts of my life are like a dream while others are simply an experience. My Disc Golf game is going good playing and practicing most every day since I got out west. I won my first tournament with all Prodigy Plastic a [...]

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Focus on the Future

I’m focused with my eyes on the prize and the end of the long windy road. Its been a very fast moving 2013 with a handfull of battles in the first chapter of this years tour. The talent level of Disc Golf is at an all time high with players wanting to win more then [...]

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Memorial Wrap Next Stop Austin

I love the Phoenix scottsdale Arizona area and would love to enjoy every winter here for a long long time. I had a great start to the Memorial with an 1100 rated first round opening the first NT of 2013. Keeping solid play during the 2nd round I was able to stay tied for the [...]

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Going Going back back to Cali

I arrived in California just a couple days ago with Good friend and traveling partner Cale Leiviska. We are working on shooting a Disc Golf documentary with Paul Kinney and his girlfriend Raina Maes. Great people who share a similar vision in promoting disc golf as a healthy active living sport. Yesterday we shot video [...]

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